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Last Update August 04, 2017
True CH Story by James (Jim) Glasser, '69

March 10, 2011
Some of Dick Hemenway's Letters to Home Published - Cute!

Updates thru January 16, 2011
Enhanced Dick Hemenway's Page, Dane Street Page

January 08, 2011
True CH Story by Richard (Dick) Hemenway, '62

December 29, 2010
New contact on Contact List - Richard (Dick) Hemenway, '62
Bob Akerley '57, has gone Missing. Can you help find him?
Dick Hemenway shares a nice memory of Rev. Robert W. Little

March 02, 2010
New page for Alan Nagel's photos.

November 15, 2009
Sad News - Herbie Hammond passed away awhile ago.

January 05, 2009
Troop 2 50th Anniversary (1965) booklet published!

October 12, 2008
Sad News - Ed Rand passed away

September 1, 2007
Frank "Pudgy" Wetmore "Found!"

March 9, 2007
Image of Carl Herrick Boy Scout ID

NOTICE: I think this site needs serious reorganizing and revamping. We are open to comments and suggestion on this idea and anything else, for that matter.


There are dozens of great photos not yet published
There are pages of information that need keying into plain text
There is a need for more reminisces and stories, with presentation ideas

If anyone with CH ties knows HTML, I would really like some volunteer help revamping photo page layouts, as I do not really have the time for that.

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