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Direct Contact List

This is a new list for those adventuresome enough to allow their email addresses to be published on this site. The intent is to allow your old friends to contact you directly, without having to use the cumbersome procedures described below. I don't think there is a noticeable downside to this, but it is the internet, so who knows? My email address is coded into the bottom of almost every one of my published pages in all my websites, without any outstanding problems as far as I know. You may receive a few more junk emails per week, but I would be surprised if they are in significant quantity.

I hope this list will generate some emails from folks you would like to hear from. In my experience, the you-contact-me-and-I'll-contact-them procedure is simply too complicated somehow.

If you want to be added to, or removed from, the "Direct Contact" please email me   Here.

For this to work on an ongoing basis, please remember to give me your new email address when it changes. Note: If you were also in BHS '60, remind me you are here, too. Thanks!

Please contact the webmaster using the links at bottom of this page
to report dead links. Thanks!

Bob Akerley '57    Gone Missing, Help?
Henry Betts '58    Email Hank
Dick Carr '66    Email Dick
Fred Carr '65    Email Fred
Dave Connell '62    Email Dave
James Connolly, Jr. '57    Email Jim
Dick Hemenway '62    Email Dick
Ralph Hoar '61    Email Ralphie
Peter Kitchener '61    Email Pete
Robert O. Lunn '65    Email Bob
Don MacQuarrie '65    Email Don
Alan Nagel '59    Email Al
Bill Nisbet '60    Email Bill
Richard Robertson '64    Email Richard
Donald Searles '60    Email Don
Bill Shay '59    Email Bill
Richard Smithson '60    Email Richie
Phil Spear '62    Email Phil
Gordon Weeks '60    Email Gordon
Paul Weinberg '58    Email Paul
Dave Woodman '58    Email Dave
Scott Woodman '60    Email Scott
Frank "Pudgy" Wetmore    Email Frank

Automatic email not set up on your system? You can right click the individual link, then click "Properties" to see the actual email address, or you can contact the webmaster using the links at bottom of this page.

If you want to be placed on this list, please contact the webmaster using the links at bottom of this page.
Use this to be placed on both contact lists.

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Complete Contact List

Don't worry, neither your email address nor regular mailing address will be published on this list. The way this works is that if someone wants to contact you, that person will send the Webmaster a message and I will forward it to you. Then you can decide to contact them or not. This way your email address will not be available to anyone without your permission.

I have a list of everyone that was in the Beverly High School Class of 1960, so if you know a member of that class that was in Troop 2 and not listed here, I can contact them. Please let me know who is missing from this list. Thanks! If you know where any other Troop 2 members are, please have them contact Webmaster and I will add their names to this list. Ditto, if you yourself want to be on the contact list.

Based on popular whines this list is now in alphabetical order
within topic. Newest additions are bolded and italizised..

Henry Betts '58
Russ Burns '58
Gil Campbell '63
Dick Carr '66
Fred Carr '65
Lenny Clayton '60
Dave Connell '62
Jim Connolly '57
William Cook '60
Ron Dallas'62
Wally Godfrey '59
David Hackett '60
Dick Hemenway '62
Ralph Hoar '61
Tony Jack '59
Peter Kitchener '61
Owen Lowe '60
Robert Lunn '65
Don MacQuarrie '65
Alan Nagel '59
William Nisbet '60
Charlie Piper '61
Bill Raymond '63
Richard Robertson '64
Roland Robertson '61
Donald Searles '60
William Shay '59
Richard Smithson '60
Bruce Smithson '59
Phil Spear '62
Ronald Tagney '58
Bob Teague '61
Joel Thomas '59
Gordon Weeks '60
Paul Weinberg '58
Tim Woodberry '58
Dave Woodman '58
Scott Woodman '60
Frank "Pudgy" Wetmore

Andrea (Raymond) Stackpole '60
Betsy (Black) Benham '58
Robert A. Jacques '61
Gail Woodbury '59
Janet (Searles) Mies
Sandy (Steele) DeFord

  Now "Missing"
Bob Akerley '57

Do you know how to
locate any "missing?"

If you want to be placed on this list, please contact the webmaster using the links at bottom of this page.
Use this to be placed on this list only.

If you know the whereabouts of any Troop II scouts not listed above, please contact the Webmaster at the bottom of any page. Thanks.

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Those of Us Who Have Passed On

  In Memoriam
Is this "our" Richard Day?
Steve Lunn '59
Herbie Hammond, '58
John R. Myer '58
David Nelson '59
Deane Palmer '60
George Preston '59
Edward Rand, '57
Charles P. Standley '61

If you know of any other former Troop II scouts who are deceased, please contact the webmaster using the links at bottom of this page. A copy of the obituary, or other positive confirmation is needed before that information will be posted here as fact.

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