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Time Frame Here is Mid-1960s
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  Jim's Personal CH Story

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Jim's Personal CH Story

I have just come across this website on Camp Herrick after being tipped off by the best man in my wedding, Peter Teague, about its existence. My name is Jim Glasser, and my dad was the minister at Dane St. Church from 1960 to 1985. I was a member of Troop 2 in some range of years in the mid-60’s. Hank Carr led the group, Charlie Kitchener was 2nd in command. Other names that come to mind at the troop are Fred, Dickie and Tom Carr, Bobby Andrews (he was a truck), Don and Bob Lunn, Bruce (Fizzie) Philbrick, the aforementioned Peter Teague, Dave Wallis, Deke and Tony Black (Deke now not with us, I believe), and John “Schtunk” Harding.

Also recall the bean bag fights in the dark in the dining hall in the basement of the church.

I was in Cabins 2, 5 and 6 in my years. Mr. Philbrick was in charge of the Mess and “Cookie”, (I have no idea what his real name was) was the cook. KP duty seemed to be pretty good compared to Fireing the Latrine, digging a new “Glory Hole”, or lugging the sand buckets to repair the various trails, including the one to the beach. Did that job ever get done???

Hikes on Mt Major, Mt Belknap, rolling skating at Weirs Beach, field trip to Gunstock Area, the athletic competitions among the cabins. Dick Carr always blew a mean set of Taps, Revellie, Colors every day. Camp fires for the whole group including the Order of the Arrow tap out ceremonies, Boyd Travsky (sp) presiding.

And, of course the cherished Wasi! During my last housing move, I found a ring, barely fits my little finger, but on the front/top of the ring as a mini-Wassigigimo. I have no idea where the original is, but I will take a picture of this ring and post it when I get a chance.

Still have my green felt diamond CH patch, although the moths have had their way around the edges.

Camp Herrick taught me so much as a boy, and seeing these writings and sharing these memories only make them all the more valuable to me.

Looks like no one has chipped in on this website for while, so I am glad to pick up the thread.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ end ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

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