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Camp Herrick Boy Scout Camp
As Troop 2 Passed Through in the Nineteen Fifties

Time Frame is 1952 - 56

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Billy's Photos

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Camporee Topsfield June 4, 1955 John J. Shay - 1954 Billy Shay, Scott Woodman
l. Bill Shay, m. Bill Cook
r. Willard Baker
Stag Patrol Wagon &
Oversized Water Container
The late John J. Shay
my father. He died less
than three years later.
l. Billy Shay, r. Scott Woodman
Mrs. Cook, Bill Shay, Mrs. Shay Bill Shay, Bill Cook Bill Shay, Bill Cook
l. Mrs. Cook (deceased)
m. William Shay r. Mrs. Mary Shay (deceased)
l. William Shay
r. Bill Cook
l. Bill Cook m. Bill Shay
r. George Preston (deceased)

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Billy Remembers
"Those Were the Days!"

Last fall [2003] I sat with Paul Weinberg at a trash fee City Council meeting and he told me to check out the Camp Herrick Website. Monday [04/26/04] I got to review the site at the Beverly Public Library since I do not have a computer. (Six months had passed but I am not a computer expert.) I enjoyed it very much and called Paul for your [snail mail] address...

By the way, Charlie Kitchener still lives in own home [...]. He is in remarkable shape for his age, when I bumped into him last fall in Beverly.

Jim [Connolly] had his driver's license and was allowed to drive myself, Dave Connell, and Bobby Player to Catholic mass in Alton Bay on Sundays. Mr. Carr always gave him instructions to drive very carefully on the trip and told us to be very quite in the car. We wore our uniforms.

Richard Day and Bill Young were the best candy sellers. [...] They truly earned their way to camp [...].

I remember Sawyers Ice Cream stand on the way to Laconia. I bet that is where Scott Woodman's "Herbie, Mrs & Mr Hammond, Scott & Dave Woodman" picture was taken, a big event on Visitor's Day.

I remember roller skating at the Pavilion in Alton Bay on a rainey day.

I remember the late George Preston doing the 50 yard dog paddle to pass some test in swimming, or to allow him to go to the raft.

I remember the baseball game with Camp Samoset, which was not too far away, I believe. They had enclosed cabins and inside showers, etc. We thought we would beat them pretty good but I am sure we lost the game.

I have [...] (A) a copy of the application for Pack 2 Charter dated 10/27/1949, (B) a copy of the third anniversary Blue and Gold Supper program Pack 2 dated 02/28/1952, [and] (C) a copy of the Beverly Times article of 04/18/1991 42nd anniversary of the Cub Scouts Charter, which I attended. As [these were] on the road to Camp Herrick, it might be a new section [on this site]?

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Cub Scout Pack 2 Roster
October 1949

Russell Burns                Kenneth Clayton
William Cook                Robert Howard
William Shay                Chester Williams
Frank Laroe                John Myer
Alan Nagel                Gordon Reid
Bruce Smithson                Robert Woodbury
Timothy Woodberry                Albert Barton
Richard Cunningham                Robert Hamilton
James Jacques                David Nelson
Thomas Perkins                George Preston
Richard Calowell                Herbert Hammond
Robert Nolette                David Richardson
Ronald Tagney                  

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