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Camp Herrick Boy Scout Camp
As Troop 2 Passed Through in the Nineteen Fifties

Time Frame is 1952 - 56
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Scott's Photos
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Rattlesnake Island in Background     Life Guards     Laundry Day
Bill Cook, unknown,
Herbie Hammond, Wally Godfrey,
Kenny McClary, George Preston,
Bill Shay, and Scott Woodman
Camp Herrick - 1953
    John Myer & Herbie Hammond
as life guards, 1955
    Dave Woodman & Henry Betts
In Front of Cabin 1
Laundry Day 1956
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Herbie Hammond & Family     Hank Carr & Others     Swimmers
Herbie, Mrs & Mr Hammond
Scott & Dave Woodman
    Scoutmaster Hank Carr,
Dave Woodman, Mr. Woodman,
John Myer, Henry Betts
Camp Herrick - 1956
    Scott Woodman, Bill Cook
Bill Shay, Bruce Doherty, Deane
Palmer - In front of Cabin #1
on Visitors' Day
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Visitors' Day     Godfrey & Jawa     Swimming, 1952
Visitors' Day, 1955
Mr. Akerley (left) and
Mr Dallas (?) on right
    Wally Godfrey & Jawa
Scott's Triumph
by the Wise Owl,
Many Years Later
    Swimming, 1952
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
The Mount Washington     Miss Winnipesaukee     Brindle Family, 1952
Mount Washington     Mrs. Woodman, Tim Woodbury,
Scott & Dave Woodman aboard
Miss Winnipesaukee at Alton Bay, 1952
    Brindle Family, 1952
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
The Old Boat House     Two Daves     Chapel
Old Boat House
    David Nelson
David Woodman, 1952
    Camp Herrick Chapel
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
1957     Stag Patrol Near
Montserrat - 1953
(Enhanced by P. Weinberg)
Click to Enlarge Photo     Click to Enlarge Photo
Sophie C     f. George Preston, Tom (John?)
O'Shay, Dave Woodman, Wally
Godfrey. r. Jim Jacques, Bob
Akerley, Herb Hammond, Bill
Cook, Scott Woodman

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Scott's Letters to Home

Scott says, "As some may remember, on selected nights a letter home was required for entrance to the mess hall. What follows are some of the letters reproduced just as they were written."


Wensday July 8 1953

Dear Mom and Dad,

To day was Walter's birthday. He was twelve years old. The other day, Day fell in the glorre hole too times. Our cabin hasent found the Whsagigamo yet.

To day we went over to Belnap and went up the chear lift. We picked blewberries while we were up their.

Your son
Scott Woodman

July 4, 1954 Dear Mom and Dad

To day Mr. Little came for church. We had beens, meat and potatoes. After dinner we had work detail. I am having a good time.

Your son,
Scott Woodman

July 7, 1954 Dear Mom and Dad

Yeaterday we climed Mt Major. To day we are going on the foxie boats. I am in class 2 in swimming. I am in cabin six.

Scott Woodman

The food is very good.

See you Sunday

July Monday

Dear Mom and dad

This moring Mr Car let us stay in bed until 9:30. Last night we had a scavnger hunt. One of the things we had to get was a live trout. It is raining today so we are staying in out cabins. We got a red ribbon today The kids say, "If it keeps raining this after noon we mite have moveies".

Your son,
Scott Woodman

Dear Mom and Dad

To day we walked over to belknap which is 5 miles one way. Then we went up on the chair lift. Tomrow we are going to climb Mt belknap.

Your Son
Scott Woodman


Dear Mom,

I am having a very good time here. The food seems to be better this year. I went from group 1 in swimming. I had a leak over my bunk which leaked very bad the day it stormed which was sat. When you come up on visters day bring a dirty landury bag, my cards and a clock. Mr. Little came up Sunday night and we had a Chirch sirverce.

Your son

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